One-Stop Event Services Provider

We deliver professional One-Stop Event Support Services including Concierge & Ambassadors, Event Security, Event Cleaning, Event Insurance, Technical Supporting, Plants Decoration and IT Supporting Services.

Concierge & Ambassadors Services

Provide Young & Energetic bilingual Customer Service Ambassadors with professional, friendly, warm and engaging manners

Security & Guarding Services

Provide Event Security Guarding, Escort & Surveillance, Security Systems & Technology Setup

Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Provide Event Cleaning Services such as Pre-Opening Cleaning, Pest Control and Disinfection Coating Services, as well as the Disposal of Decoration Waste after events

Insurance Services

Provide most suitable Event-related Insurance solution and claim settlement negotiation services

Technical Supporting Services

Provide setting up services such as Electrical, Devices & Fire Protection System installation and maintenance services

Plant Decoration Services

Provide the Event Plant Decoration design and setup services

IT Supporting Services

Provide IT Service Consultancy Services, Onsite IT Technical Support and Cloud Services for Events